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Funding Of Funding For Public Hospitals Essay - 1607 Words

6.2.1 Funding Policy Framework in Australia Funding for public hospitals in Australia is mainly based on activity, known as Activity Based Funding (ABF). This is based on the actual quantity of services delivered to patients and aims to provide revenue based on the ‘efficient’ cost of delivering the services. Under this arrangement, the financial contribution made by the Commonwealth and the States/Territories for public hospitals’ activities and services is based on Australia DRG classifications, price weight and the National Efficient Price (NEP) which is determined by IPHA. The NEP is a benchmark to give government guidance about the level of contributions that meet the average cost of acute care service provision in Australian public hospitals. The price is expressed as dollars per NWAU because its determination is based on the average cost of a National Weighted Activity Unit (NWAU) projection after deducting the Commonwealth expenditure for other programs. NWAU is a unit expressed to measure health service activity. The NWAU values vary with clinical complexity, intensity and cost of hospital service activities. Both commonwealth and state funding flow through National Health Funding Pool directly to providers within the Local Hospital Networks. In the case where ABF is not practicable, such as low volume of service, block funding can be made payable to the states of which the pricing is based on the National Efficient Cost (NEC) determined by the IPHA. PublicShow MoreRelatedActivity Based Funding Analysis761 Words   |  4 Pagesyou ever gone to a hospital, had a procedure and walked out of the hospital without anyone asking you to make a payment? That’s because hospital treatments in Australia are funded under Activity Based Funding (ABF) a subsidy program where hospitals receive funding for providing treatment and cost effective patient care that is, accessible and high quality (Baxter et al., 2015). What is Activity Based Funding? Activity Based Funding is defined as ‘a way of funding for hospitals whereby they get paidRead MoreProcess of Funding Health Care Services1007 Words   |  4 PagesFunding Health Care Services Name Course Professors Name Date Funding Health Care Services: The health care system is one of the major sectors that have attracted huge debates in the past few years. The polarizing debate is attributed to the fact that the health care system is fragmented and relatively inefficient. As a result, many Americans spend more on health care services than any other nation across the globe but still suffer from huge insurance, administrative waste, and uneven qualityRead MoreCase Study : Capital Coast Health Limited1431 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction In a global economy controlled largely by the dollar, even hospitals and healthcare providers struggle to find relief of being constrained by money. In May of 1997, Dr. Leo Mercer took over as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Capital Coast Health Limited (CCH), a public healthcare facility located in New Zealand. Due to his background, Dr. Mercer was the ideal leader for this type of organization, which was currently struggling with the monetary aspect of business developmentRead MoreCommunity Health Center for the Uninsured and Undocumented Immigrants1499 Words   |  6 Pagesfrom all public benefits. This paper goes beyond these opposing assumptions and instead, proposes a strategic plan to raise and combine resources necessary to establish a health care center for the uninsured, underinsured, and illegal immigrants in Northern California. The paper covers the establishment of this center with special focus on strategic funding, funding constraints, related state and nation al regulations, health policy, resources allocation, and managerial and leadership. Funding LikeRead MoreThe Case Of The Unhealthy Hospital1533 Words   |  7 Pages In the article, The Case of the Unhealthy Hospital, written by Anthony R. Kovner, a through description of a struggling hospital, Blake Memorial Hospital, is given. This paper is a SWOT analysis, and addresses the strengths and weaknesses within the hospital, as well as opportunities and threats outside of the hospital and in the surrounding community. Although limited in abundance, there are specific strengths of Blake Memorial Hospital, such as their new CEO, Bruce Reid, and the strong communityRead MoreThe Supreme Court s Judgment On Roe And Doe842 Words   |  4 Pagestwo classifications of the public funding cases were heard and judged by the Supreme Court. Principally, these involve funding restrictions for the elective or non-therapeutic abortions and funding limitations for medically necessary or therapeutic abortions. In three connected decisions, the Supreme Court made the judgment that states do not have the constitutional or statutory obligation of funding elective abortions as well as promoting access to the abortions’ public facilities. The decisionsRead MoreFederal Funding for Public Broadcasting is a Bust Essay786 Words   |  4 Pagesspends .014% of its budget on public broadcasting. This amounted to approximately $445 million spent on funding towards public broadcasting in 2012.†(Defending Public Broadcasting Should Not Be Done Lightly) The funding was meant to help public broadcasting stations get to a state where they could support themselves on their own. However, many stations continued to take the funding even though they did not require it. Despite this, the stations that abused the funding happened to have some very educationalRead MoreWhy Are the Waiting Times in Public Hospital Emergency Departments so Long? What Contributes to This? What Are We Doing Too Address T his Problem?809 Words   |  4 PagesJasmin Charles: Essay Why are the waiting times in Public hospital emergency Departments so long? What contributes to this? What are we doing too address this problem? Waiting times in public hospital have been a big issue in the media lately. Politicians addressing these issues and using them as a bargaining point in their campaigns by making promises to fix the current health care problem by extra funding or a re-form in the health care. Public health patients featuring in the media stating howRead MoreHealth Care System in France 1715 Words   |  7 Pageshealth care, however, statistical it is untrue. American’s believe that they do have the best health care in the world. However, surgery and hospital stay is more costly in America than other countries. Hospital stay in America is usually 18,000 dollars, while in other countries spends four to five thousands dollar less (Kane, 2012). In addition to hospital stays, the US spends 900 dollars per person on just administrative costs; in France administrative costs is merely 300 dollars (Kane, 2012) Read MoreThe Australian Health Care System1347 Words   |  6 Pagesare many facets of the A ustralian Health care System. It doesn’t just include the local doctor; there are many other services that are a part of a larger network. There are many governing bodies that enable the policy, legislation, coordination and funding aspects of delivering quality services. Australia’s regulation of health services is the responsibility of government with the planning and delivery of services been shared between non-government and government sectors. The cost of the Health Care

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